The Maker Table

The idea behind this shop table was to combine a large CNC machine with other shop tools requiring a large table - such as a table saw. This allows small DIY shops to fit both these tools.

Table saws have a completely open surface so material can slide on and off any edge of the table. So the surface of the Maker Table must also be open with no protruding edges. The CNC gantry rails need to be attached outside and under the surface. And while using the table saw, the gantry can be moved to either end of the table to clear your work.

Some criteria:
Some drawings: ↓ Click for full size ↓
Table saw sits in a cut-out
of a 4x8 x 1" sheet of MDF.
Gantry rides on V-Groove
T-Rail and v-groove bearings.
A 3D render of prototype.

Some photos: Click on thumbnails