Since I have a deep interest in robotics it's no surprise that I also have an interest in CNC Machines. And since inexpensive parts are readily available, DIY CNC machines have been popping up in household garages.

Being familiar with stepper motors and controller boards I thought it would be a great project to build one of these machines ... maybe a standard 4'x8' would do. But I already had a 4'x8' table housing a Delta table saw in my tight garage and can't fit another table. So then I thought about how I could combine the CNC machine into the same 4'x8' saw table, but without obstructing the table surface (other than the gantry at the far end of the table). The gantry rails would need to be hidden under the table but not block the table saw controls.

So this led to pencil sketches and then Blender renders and voila, The Maker Table is this lab's first project!