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I started this project in 2012 using HTML5.
The concept is a dynamic and searchable reference sheet site where people can create their own sheets and contribute to others:
  • The front login screen would show a slide show of sample sheets
  • Users may enter the site as a guest for "read-only" access
  • There is a main list of categories (controlled by the site)
  • Each category has a list of reference sheets
  • Registered Users can create their own reference sheets in any category
  • Reference sheets can take the form of text, URL links, images and video
  • Reference sheets can be in one of three viewing states:
    • Public - Users can view and edit the sheet
    • Shared - Users can view but NOT edit the sheet (it's read-only)
    • Private - Only the owner User can view and edit the sheet
  • Users can contribute to Public sheets
  • Users can contribute to Shared sheets with permission by the owner of the sheet
  • Users can "suggest" new categories

The site could be used to store just about any type of information - cooking recipes, anatomy charts, chip and connector pin-outs, wire color legends, etc. Info could be displayed in a variety of ways - static, slide shows, thumbed popups, etc.

Revenue could be generated from context sensitive ads in a right-hand column or embedded into sheet info.

I still own the domain and it currently has "some" functionality. But I'd like to convert it to AngularJS and add some cool section layout choices ...

 Some Reference Sheet Samples 
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