DSArm Motion Controller V Click for full size V
This AngularJS web app is being developed for the robot arm I'm working on in the Robo Lab. It is the Motion Controller for a six-axis industrial type arm with gripper.

This app has a real-time web-socket connection with a small NodeJS web server - the DSBotServer. It acts as a "chat" server and forwards motor commands to a set of seven Arduino Nano boards - one for each joint motor plus the gripper motor.

 The Concept 
  • Registered users can login to operate a real industrial robot arm in multiple ways.

  • Manual control will provide both sliders and digital input for moving each joint of the arm. There will also be a joystick-type interface for combining the motion of any two joints plus gripper.

  • Scripted motion will provide a method for storing complete motion "sets". Users will be able to record an unlimited number of indexed arm and gripper positions of their design. Then "play" the full set of movements to accomplish a task. This is exactly what the auto assembly line arms are doing.

  • Autonomous motion will actually allow users to "program" their own intelligence into the arm using video and sensor input. It will include decision making abilities and timing controls.

  • There will also be a diagnostic section allowing low-level control of each individual Arduino board.

There are lots of remote control arms available, but most are just toys. I want to build a serious industrial arm with some smart abilities. And also have the arm available to purchase. This site could "Demo" the arm from anywhere, and even let customers get familiar with its control software "before" purchasing.

Earlier versions of my Motion Controller were written in C#/.NET WinForms:

 Version 1 

 Version 2 

I even started a version in WPF, but later decided I wanted to control the arm from the web - which meant a web interface.