Maia Telescope Controller V Click for full size V
Similar to the Robot Arm Motion Controller this AngularJS web app is being developed to control Maia, a telescope I plan to build in the Scope Lab.

I've built a few telescopes since the 1980's and I'd like to combine my robotic/stepper motor skills with my software skills and create a "web-driven" interface to a large tracking telescope. No need to brave the weather and mosquitoes squinting through an eyepiece ...

 The Concept 
  • Registered users can login to operate Maia, a real tracking telescope.

  • Users can reserve a block of time (for a fee) for exclusive use of Maia.

  • Real-time high-resolution astrophotographic captures will be the main goal of this app.
    Amateur astronomers can track Near Earth Objects without needing a telescope.

  • Maia will be a 0.5-meter newtonian reflector on a yoke equitorial mount.
    Maybe larger - depends on the investor :)

  • This app will provide users with a database of celestial objects to view. If a selected object is in view Maia will slew to it.

  • Users will be able to add, track and share their own objects to this database.

  • Users will also be able to slew to any coordinates (right ascension, declination - if in view).

  • Controls for slew panning (nudging), magnification, focus and filters will be provided.

  • Photographic and video controls such as exposure and frame rate will be provided.

  • Users will be able to save and share their own gallery of images captured.

  • Ephemeris info and other charts will also be provided.

  • The site will include a "Latest News, Features and Equipment" blog and discussion forum.