The small shop at D+S Tech Labs
in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
is also a Makerspace!
We call it

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What is a Makerspace?

Why build one?
    • to steer a young person away from the street and drugs
    • to give them a place to go where they have no choice but to learn and have fun
    • to guide teens toward thoughts of art, science, engineering and technology
  • To empower anyone with the facilities to imagine, invent and create
  • To provide a place for project and prototype collaboration for startups
  • Need to build something for your home or office but just don't have the tools or space to do it?
    A Makerspace is the perfect facility to do just that.
  • Need to hold a meeting outside of work?
    Reserve the A/V equipped area at a Makerspace.
  • Need to order project materials or something large but can't be home for delivery?
    Let a Makerspace receive the materials or item for you.

Want to help us grow this Makerspace?
  • You can donate using PayPal - anything helps!

  • If you can't make a monetary donation, any furniture, equipment or raw materials would be greatly appreciated.
  • You are also welcome to lend a hand adding new features!