Check out some of our systems in the flesh.
Over 400 photos here with the most recent at the bottom.

Click on the thumbnails for the large pictures.

This is a sample five cabinet home theater configuration from The Foundation Series. It uses the amazing FM2 mirrored pair as the full-range main/front speakers. Adding an FC2 center channel speaker and a pair of FR1 surrounds creates an experience that is far beyond the ordinary! (Finished in Red Mahogany)
Here is an example of a six cabinet home theater system from The Foundation Series. This sub/sat (subwoofer/satellite) system includes the awesome FS4 mirrored pair as the main/front speakers and the earth shaking FB4 quad 12" subwoofer. The FC2 center channel speaker and a pair of FR1 surrounds complete the system that most people only dream of! (Finished in Fruitwood)
The Master Theater 5.1 six cabinet system was designed for today's digital audio/video receivers. The VerSat (Versatile Satellite) is used for the front/main, center and surround speakers. The VerSat is no small bookshelf cube. It is an amazing 40-pound powerhouse capable of full-range sound by itself. However, The Master Theater 5.1 also includes a 300-watt dual ported subwoofer. After adding the VerSub subwoofer the speaker system disappears and the room comes alive! (Finished in Red Oak)

Here are some more pictures of the Fruitwood system above.


Some production photos of the Red Oak Master Theater.


An elegant set of FM2's finished in Special Walnut.
Final tests on the crossover are being performed in the anechoic chamber - The Dead Room.


A VerSub and VerSat finished in White Oak.


A beautiful VerSub and matching VerSat center channel finished in Provincial.


A custom stereo pair finished in Red Oak.


Some of our computer optimized, hand built EDC™ Crossovers.
We use only the best "perfect lay" inductor coils, fast metallized
polypropylene capacitors and cement wire-wound resistors.


The prototype Surround Sound Chair.
Don't laugh, it worked great and still amazes people.


The prototype FM6 (The Biolith).
The midrange/tweeter tower was combined into the bass tower to form the flagship FM6.
See a system using the FM6's farther down this photo gallery.


A killer subwoofer built for a car.
It uses a 12" Focal woofer in a sealed bandpass enclosure.


A custom 350-watt PA loudspeaker for a church.
This speaker is not only three sided but angled down.


Two sets of AlumiSat speakers.
One set in black lacquer, the other in provincial.
Even though the AlumiSat is our smallest speaker,
its crossover is every bit as complex as our largest system.


A custom seven foot tall subwoofer.
This monster contains six 12" woofers each in their own vented chamber.
All six woofers are independently powered by an outboard six-channel amp.
As you can see it's a perfect fit in the customer's room.
We called it "The Black Monolith" (from the movie 2001).


A Master Theater 5.1 system.
The three front VerSat speakers and the custom-shaped VerSub
where matched to the color of the wall unit. The two surround VerSat's
where matched to the color of the kitchen cabinetry.


A custom system using five AlumiSat's and a VerSub.
Customers are free to mix and match our products
to create the custom system of their dreams!


The 2000 Boca Raton Home & Lifestyle Show.
There were many great comments about our products.
We even raised a few eyebrows of other venders in the business!


A VerSat center channel above an FC2 center channel.
The nerd in the first picture is the owner of D+S.
The second picture shows the sales team of D+S.


A ThunderBlock-15 500-watt powered subwoofer.
This beast was only down 2db at 14Hz!
It tested the structure of the building ... and our stomachs.


A custom center channel only 4-1/2" tall.
Since we are custom builders as well, we had no problem
creating a powerful center channel speaker that had to
fit in a very narrow slot of a wall unit.


A beautiful set of FM2's in high-gloss black.
The owners of this set had been shopping for speakers everywhere;
Brandsmart, Circuit City, Best Buy, Sound Advice, etc. They
admitted that nothing had sounded this good.


Testing the EDC™ Crossovers of a set of five AlumiSats.
Each crossover is custom tuned to each cabinet and driver set.


A brand new Alumina System to show off in our studio.


An amazing gloss black Plasmaudio Module.
This unit uses solid concave magnesium cones on all the woofers and high-power ScanSpeak tweeters.
The last picture shows how complex the grill frame was before applying black cloth.


Infinity Kappa 7's get new EDC™ Crossovers.


A set of high-end Seas monitors for left, center and right channels.


A set of VerSat's with maple veneer and cherry stain.


A set of custom crossovers using our EDC™ Process.
Yes. That's a 15" ruler.


A pair of black-oak FM2's.
These FM2's use the new horn-loaded Morel dome tweeters.


A large-scale home theater set custom fitted into a huge wall unit.
The left/right speakers have wedge-cut front panels to angle in toward a central sofa. The center channel speaker has an angled top panel (lower in the back) so that it can be tilted down toward the sofa. And twin 15" subwoofers are mounted in compartments below the left/right main speakers. Surround speakers are embedded into a ceiling beam behind the sofa. Yes, that's a 60" plasma monitor!


A Mighty-Mite Cube system.
Beats the hell out of the Bose® cube system!


A pair of matching 10" passive subwoofers.


A beautiful Jacobean Master Theater.
The subwoofer was upgraded to a 500-watt ThunderBlock-15.


An amazing three-way pair using Seas Excel drivers.


Another Seas set with a dual 10"/500-watt subwoofer.


A Seas set with a dual 10"/1000-watt bandpass subwoofer.
Two 10" Dayton Titanic woofers were used in the sub.


A custom home theater set finished in exotic Wenge veneer.
The first two pics are 3D concept renderings. The two subwoofers use 12" Dayton Titanic woofers and 1000-watt amps! The surround speakers fit into the top-back corners of the room. They are angled out at 45° and angled down at 30°.


A red-mahogany Master Theater with a 1000-watt ThunderBlock-15 subwoofer!
The surround VerSat's are 'Velcro'ed on top of 5' tall stands! (last two pics)


A pair of MagnePan MagnePlanar MG3.5r's get new silver wire, gold binding posts and EDC™ Crossovers.
Tri-Ampable oak cabinets house the new crossovers.


Infinity Kappa 9's also get new EDC™ Crossovers.


A single unit for the front three channels (L/C/R).
The last picture shows a snug fit into a tall TV unit.


Another pair of MagnePan's get new EDC™ Crossovers.
The old crossovers were removed and replace with pure silver wire.


A triple 12-inch JL Audio Car Subwoofer.
Three 12-inch JL Audio subwoofers were mounted in a granite finish cabinet with a 2-inch thick baffle.


New high-power 12" woofers and crossovers in a pair of JBL's.


A set of reference monitors with powered subwoofer all in dark walnut.


A front set of Seas monitors.
These units were unfinished since they were installed flush in a deep wall
and covered by acoustically transparent pictures.


Another set of Seas monitors with a powered subwoofer.


EDC™ Crossovers for a pair of Infinity Kappa 9's.

A beautiful set of VerSat's with a custom high-power center channel.
This set was finished in a custom cherry color to match the customer's furniture.


A Dual 12" Bandpass powered subwoofer with remote control volume.
This guy had an older pair of Dayton 12" accordian edge woofers collecting dust.
We added a 350-watt amp with remote volume (and a really nice cabinet). Wow, what punch!


Two vertical arrays using Infinity EMIT tweeters and EMIM midranges.
This is a test panel used to measure acoustic responses for the EDC™ Crossover process.


A pair of Infinity Kappa 8's gets a new pair of EDC™ Crossovers.


We helped design these unique four-way speakers for the sculpture artist Philippe Guillerm.
We chose the drivers, designed and built the down-firing subwoofers (the black base) and built the EDC™ Crossovers.
See more of Philippe's remarkable work at www.PhilippeGuillerm.com.


A DIY speaker builder needed EDC™ Crossovers for his four way EV horn system.
These guys are big. Those are 4-1/4" terminal cups behind them.


EDC™ Crossovers for another set of Infinity Kappa 9's.
The Kappa 9 crossovers are notorious for unstable impedance and for simply failing.


EDC™ Crossovers made these units sound much better.
This musician used these speakers for his keyboards. They originally sounded terrible.


A huge dedicated media room was the home for this fantastic system.
The flagship FM6's from the Foundation Series were used for the front mains.
They included a full length sub chamber for the mids and tweeters.
Massive internal I-Beam bracing together with baffle struts secured the cabinet from vibration.
The six 12" woofers for each cabinet were powered with a built-in 1000-watt sub amp.
The terminals above the vents led to the midranges and tweeters through an EDC™ Crossover.
The mammoth FC2 and two pairs of FR1's served as center and surround channels.


Infinity Kappa 7, 8 and 9 EDC™ Crossovers ordered from Australia.
This job took more than 16 hours. The customer had these kind words to report:
"These crossovers fitted to my Kappa 9's have been a revelation. The performance is astounding,
bass from these has to be heard to be believed in comparison to their performance prior to fitment.
Set up with sub channel to these and also a pair of Yamaha yst 1500�s and it can be hard to tell
which one is doing the work. Not how we use in normal circumstances but an interesting trial.
Also of note at levels requiring ear muffs no qualms from the amplifier whatsoever, previous to
this, much lower levels had amplifiers out to lunch on a regular basis".


For custom designs we use 3D CAD software to accurately show our customers concepts.
This was a design for an eight woofer isobaric subwoofer.


A set of customized VerSat's and matching VerSub in a rich dark cherry finish.
The VerSat's were converted to floor models by extending the cabinet downward.


A set of FM2's from the Foundation Series.
The FM2's dual 12" woofers were powered by built-in 350-watt amps.
I also built this customer a matching audio component rack and record storage cabinet.


A set of custom 10" two-ways using Morel drivers.
The tweeter units were separate cabinets mounted to the top of the woofer cabinet.


Yes, all the car sound guys come to us for custom boxes for their pimped rides.
This unit uses two 12" square Kicker woofers with long dual flared ports firing out the sides.
The customer said his Kickers never played this low or hit this hard - It's all in the right box.

A huge system for a dedicated theater room with tiered seating.
The center channel (standing on end in the first two pics) is seven feet long!
It sits on a down-firing subwoofer that is ten feet long!
The front left/right pair uses four 10" woofers for midbasses, four upper midranges and four horn tweeters.


A pair of mammoth crossovers for a four-way bi-amped JVC horn system of the customer's design.


More Crossovers for the dreaded Infinity Kappa7 and Kappa8.


A custom wedge-shaped center channel speaker.
This 60-pound unit uses two 10-inch Peerless woofers, a 5-inch midrange in its
own PVC cavity and a Hi-Vi ribbon tweeter. Notice the heavy glue-block bracing.


A pair of custom towers.
Two long throw 8-inch woofers and a SEAS tweeter designed to match the customer's wall unit.


A beautiful set of FM2's from the Foundation Series finished in Cherry.
Notice the wedge angle of the baffle. All left/right main units from the Foundation Series
have front panels at this angle to reduce side wall reflections and aim to the center
listening position. The customer remarked that this was the best internet order he has ever made!


Another set of EDC crossovers for Infinity Kappa 9's.
The customer was nice enough to contribute the install photos.


A set of FM2's from the Foundation Series.
Finished in Ebony stain.


A custom set of black mica Pyramid 3-ways.


A custom 3-way stage speaker for a set of Roland V-Drums.
Note the super woofer at the bottom for deep toms and kick drum!


A PowerTower Subwoofer using solid concave aluminum cone woofers.
Tuned deep and flat with dual flared ports.


Another PowerTower Subwoofer bound for Oregon.


A custom 10" 300-watt subwoofer in light oak.


A set of FM2's from the Foundation Series.
Notice the 2" thick baffle (front panel) for the massive 27-pound woofers!


Another set of FM2's in Golden Pecan finish.


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