Introducing the NEW
Surround Sound Chair
"Unbelievable realism! This is just too cool!"

The D+S Surround Sound Chair simply must be experienced to be believed.
It provides total emersion with both music and movies.
The clarity and precise imaging of the Surround Sound Chair cannot be realized by normal speaker setups.
Here's why:

In a normal rectangular room with front left and right speakers in their usual positions
the listener does not get accurate clarity and imaging due to reflected sound off the walls, ceiling and floor.
Let's use a single tap of a snare drum or a single footstep for example.
The sound from this event will first emerge from the speaker giving us a "direct" sound.
However, this sound is also reflected off nearby walls, ceiling and floor giving us "reflected" sound.
This reflected sound reaches the listener at slightly different times and vastly different directions.
These many combined sounds from a single event not only blur the clarity of the sound,
but also distort and confuse the direction from where the sound came from resulting in poor imaging.

The D+S Surround Sound Chair fixes all that.
Placing the speakers in close proximity to the listener virtually eliminates all reflected sound.
Since the walls, ceiling and floor are much farther away from the speakers and the listener is much closer,
the reflected sound is very faint compared to the direct sound.
This radically corrects the blurring and unfocused direction of the sound.
Not only is the sound much clearer and more defined, but you can immediately tell where it came from.
Wow! What a difference!

Every speaker system is backed by our Five-Year Warranty.

Front View

Side View

The Surround Sound Chair

The "SS Chair" has a total of five speakers built in. The two front speakers use 5-1/4" coaxial drivers mounted in a 6" PVC enclosure. They extend out to the front left and right by 3/4" black metal tubing that can be swung to any angle. These cylindrical speakers may also be rotated on their axis. The two surround speakers use 4" coaxial drivers mounted at a downward angle to the front left and right of the upper console. A 12" subwoofer is mounted in the base of the chair. It is configured as a dual chamber system with the upper chamber vented out the upper sides of the back of the chair. The vents are 3" flared vents mounted at ear level.

        IMPEDANCE: 6 Ohms
        MAX POWER: 100 Watts RMS
         RESPONSE: 30 Hz - 20,000 Hz (+/- 3db)
      SENSITIVITY: 92db (2.83V @ 1m)
       DIMENSIONS: 26"W x 50"H x 48"D (folded)
           WEIGHT: 180 lbs. 
Price: $3,000.00
Finish Color
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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