Our standard products are below, however, we also build Custom Systems for any application.

We are proud to present the following product lines.
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Hathor - Reference Audio
 Audiophile Reference Stereo Pair
Looking for pure audiophile reference reproduction?  Hathor is it!
A four-way trapezoidal tower that will move your emotions like nothing else.
Capable of concert levels while remaining clean and accurate,
Hathor will deliver you to audio nirvana!

The Foundation Series
The Foundation Series™
Our first series is our largest, most powerful set of speakers.
It consists of a total of nine unique loudspeakers designed to
provide five levels of massive home theater without taking up the entire room.
Many combinations are possible so check out The Foundation Series.
to see the awesome possibilities in Home Theater.

The Master Theater 5.1 System
The Master Theater 5.1 System™
This is the perfect system for today's digital A/V receivers!
The Master Theater 5.1™ is by no means
your typical bookshelf system.  It consists of five identical
full-range VerSat™ dual woofer speakers
and a 300-watt powered VerSub™ subwoofer.
Sand filled cast iron stands provide the optimum height
to front and surround pairs.

The Alumina System
The Alumina System™
This all aluminum driver system easily fills a large den or bedroom.
It amazes everyone who listens to it.  Both main AlumiFront
speakers hide a built in, dual chamber 8" subwoofer inside.
These subs vent floor shaking bass out the back of the cabinet
and have the option of being driven by separate amplifiers
for even greater control and impact.  The other three
AlumiSat™ speakers provide center and surround sound.
Don't let their small size fool you, these compact speakers
are full-range high power units.

The ThunderBlock Low Frequency Series
The ThunderBlock Subwoofer Series™
For those of you who can't get enough room shaking bass
we designed three different sizes of our ThunderBlock
subwoofers for that "chest thud" some of us crave.  There is a 10-inch,
12-inch and 15-inch version all powered with a super efficient
Class-D Parametric EQ amplifier.

The PowerTower Subwoofer
The PowerTower Subwoofer™
For those needing to shake their soul
but have only a small footprint in their room,
the PowerTower Subwoofer is the answer.
Standing 7-feet tall, and housing six 12-inch
long-throw woofers, this mega-unit is sure to fill
the deepest octaves with abundant punch!

The Plasmaudio Three-Channel Speaker Module
The Plasmaudio™ Loudspeaker Module
Imagine slipping your favorite flat screen monitor
into a single module that serves as your left, center
and right channel audio with full range, large scale
sound that matches the beauty of your video!
Look no further, it's here and it's real.
Click the picture to the left and see what's possible ...

Patent Pending

The PlasmaLift A/V Conference Table
The Plasma-Lift™ Multimedia Video Conference Table
Yes, it's a corporate conference table.  But at the push of a button,
up pops a flat screen video monitor and color camera for multimedia
presentations or video teleconferencing.  This table also houses
a fan-cooled compartment for computers, DVD/DVR players, etc.
Forget flying to meetings.  This table pays for itself in no time.

The Surround Sound Chair
The Surround Sound Chair™
Remember those stereo "Egg Chairs" of the 1970's? Well here's the
surround sound version.  You won't believe how movies and even music
sound when sitting in close proximity to optimally placed speakers.
 No, we're not crazy!  The sound stage and imaging are so precise
and clearly defined that you'll swear you were directly in the movie
scene or on stage with the band!  There is no need for a center
speaker since you are perfectly centered between the front speakers.
 And the entire base and back of the chair is a subwoofer
providing spine shaking realism. You gotta try it!

Custom Systems
Custom Systems for any Application
We love building custom systems to meet and exceed your needs!
Whether it's a dedicated home media room, yacht, private jet
or commercial application, we can build it!

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