Here are recommended setups of all our systems.

The Foundation Series
Here is a five cabinet system using the FM2's as the front left and right pair, the FC2 for the center channel and a pair of FR1's for the surrounds. The full, rich sound of this system leaves many more expensive systems in the dust. All our systems are designed to satisfy the music lover as well as the movie buff. FM2's, FC2 and FR1's
Here's the same system as above using FM4's for the front pair. The FM4's have twice the driver surface area as the FM2's which effectively quadruples their output. If you're watching a movie with this system you're IN the scene! If you're listening to a concert you're on center stage! FM4's, FC2 and FR1's
The ultimate system uses the massive FM6's as the front pair, a pair of FC2 center channels (one above the screen and one below) and two pairs of FR1 surrounds back to back in a bipole (in phase) or dipole (out of phase) format. Designed to easily fill larger rooms the sound from this system cannot be put into words. It truly is an experience that must be felt. FM6's, FC2's and FR1's
This is a six cabinet subwoofer/satellite (sub/sat) system using the FS2's as the front left and right pair, the FC2 center channel, a pair of FR1's for the surrounds and an FB2 subwoofer to fill in the bottom end. A sub/sat system gives you the flexibility of placing the subwoofer in the optimum (most robust) location for the room. Strange shaped rooms will usually benefit from the proper placement of a separte subwoofer. This usually turns out to be in the corner with the longest adjacent walls. FS2's, FC2 and FR1's
Taking the above system a step further we use the FS4's for the front pair, the FC2 center channel, a pair of FR1's for the surrounds and an FB4 subwoofer to really shake the neighborhood. FS4's, FC2 and FR1's
There are many possible combinations of The Foundation Series. For example, you could use the FS2's or FS4's for awesome floor standing surround speakers combined with multiple subwoofers! Awesome sub/sat system

The Master Theater 5.1
The Master Theater 5.1 was designed with two goals in mind; to sound fantastic with two channel music as well as multichannel home theater, and to be the perfect match for today's Dolby Digital and DTS A/V receivers. Not to brag or anything, but we nailed it! Master Theater 5.1
You may choose to place the surround VerSat's on VerStands, it works equally well. The VerSat is nearly 40lbs. so wall mounting may be difficult without the proper brackets and available wall studs. This arrangement also provides a more detailed rear image. Master Theater 5.1

The Alumina System
The Alumina System was designed especially for those with limited space but do not want to sacrifice BIG sound. Both the AlumiFront and AlumiSat speakers are only 9-1/2" wide. The AlumiFront speakers hide a powerful 10" subwoofer that is vented out the back of the cabinet. It uses the wall corners to expand the lower bass into what sounds like a much larger speaker. Alumina System
Like the Master Theater 5.1 above, the AlumiSat surround speakers may be placed on VerStands. Keep in mind, the AlumiSat may be small but is not your typical bookshelf speaker. This "mighty might" can be driven hard and remain clean sounding. Alumina System

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