William T. Daniels

Sunrise, Florida

Email: Bill@DSTechLabs.com

My Company: DSTechLabs.com




Microsoft Windows C# / .NET Software Application Development with emphasis on:

  • Application Architecture and User Interface Designs
  • Data Acquisition and Graphing Applications
  • Scientific / Laboratory Applications
  • Common Reusable Infrastructure Layer for Tool Ribbons, Dialogs, Database Access,
    Event Logging, Exception Handling, etc.


– OR –


Web Application Development using:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • AngularJS or Silverlight


– OR –


Embedded Device API Development with emphasis on:

  • Human-Machine Interfaces
  • Real-Time Device API’s (Application Programming Interfaces)
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Robotics and Automation



Technical Skills:


Over 35 years computer programming experience;  Object Oriented since 1990:

Extensive experience with C# .NET Development, GUI Development and Object Oriented Design


Programming Languages

C# (C-Sharp), C/C++, BASIC (not Visual BASIC), Fortran, Pascal, 80x86 and 6502 assembly language



Markup Languages




Browser Scripting Languages

JavaScript, jQuery



Programming Platforms

Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 – 4.5, ASP.NET 3-4.5, AJAX

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Microsoft Silverlight 2/3/4/5,

Windows Forms (WinForms), WCF



Development Environments


Microsoft Visual Studio 2005-2012 Ultimate, Team Foundation Server

MS-SQL Management Studio, Oracle SQL Developer,

Microsoft Internet Information Services 6/7, Arduino MCU




MS-SQL Server 2000-2012, Tables, Stored Procedures, Views, Triggers



Other Software

Microsoft Word, Visio, Outlook, Link, All Browsers, FTP Programs, Autodesk Inventor & Maya, Caligari TrueSpace 3D Renderer/Modeler, Adobe PhotoShop




Arduino Mega 2560, IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2 (All Models), EduQuest Models 30, 40 and 50, IBM Compatibles with 8086, 80286, 80386, 80486 and Pentium I-IV Processors, Apple ][, ][+, ][e, ][c,  UNIVAC 1100 Mainframe, NCR Mini using Punch Cards



Operating Systems

All MS Windows: 7/8, Vista, XP-Pro.…Win3.0, IBM OS/2 Warp, All MS-DOS



Professional Employment History:


Oct 2013 - Present

D+S Tech Labs, Inc.

Currently developing a Robotic Arm Controller Application in C# / WinForms.  This application uses the previously developed Stepper Motor Control Firmware.  It enables easy control of a six-axis robot arm (also designed and built by me) and includes:

·   Motor Setup section to allow setting of HOME Position, LOWER and UPPER Limit ranges and Enable/Disable selection of each motor

·   Manual Control section to allow individual manipulation of each robot arm axis

·   Scripted Motion section to allow the definition and execution of predefined motor motions for each axis

·   Autonomous Motion section to allow for robot arm motion using Artificial Intelligence using built in vision and other on-board sensors.  Incorporates a Rule System for decision making.

·   Diagnostics section to monitor and manually communicate with the Arduino Firmware using serial messaging.

·   3D Robot Arm Viewer that shows the motion of the Arm in real-time.  Also shows all motor angles, step positions, camera views and sensor readings.



Jan 2014 – Apr 2014

Nipro Diagnostics, Inc.

Designed and developed new laboratory software to measure the performance and accuracy of blood glucose meters.  This was a C#/WinForms stand-alone application that had multiple and simultaneous serial connections with a base module that held up to 16 meters.  Measurement data and demographics were stored to an SQL database and could be viewed with a built-in graph system.



Aug 2013 – Oct 2013

JSTek Innovations, Inc.

Designed and developed the website for JSTek Innovations, Inc., a Computer Aided Design (CAD) services company in Apex, NC.  This website uses HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and RESTful Web Services that access and update a remote SQL database.



Jul 2013 – Nov 2013

D+S Tech Labs, Inc.

Designed and  developed Stepper Motor Control Firmware for the Arduino Mega 2560 MCU Board:

·   Uses serial commands to simultaneously operate up to eight stepper motors with precise speed and position control

·   Allows independent speed and target position of each motor

·   Uses trapezoidal velocity ramping for smooth motor motion



Feb 2013 – Present

D+S Tech Labs, Inc.

Currently developing the RefSheets.com website in HTML5, Javascript/jQuery:

·   Allows users to create and share their own online reference sheets for any subject

·   Allows the search and reference of other public reference sheets

·   Allows additions to, and modifications of, public reference sheets



Jul 2012 – Feb 2013

Commonwealth-Altadis, Inc.

Senior C# ASP.NET Website Developer:  Helped develop a Customer Payment Portal Website for 1600+ sales people across the U.S. to facilitate Field, Buydown, Escalated and Rebate payment programs for customers.  This was developed using ASP.NET, AJAX, SQL and Oracle Databases.

Developed an Application Support Layer; a set of classes to provide global tools for running custom SQL and Oracle database queries, calling stored procedures, data normalization and formatting, data export methods for Excel and PDF formats, user login authentication and authorization, email support, exception handling and full event logging.

Developed the Web Development Standards document to establish standards for application layout and design, component layers and relationships, code formatting  and class, property and identifier naming conventions.



Nov 2010 – Apr 2012

D+S Tech Labs, Inc.

Designed and developed the HiddenTickets.com website in Silverlight 4.0, C#/.NET 4.0 and SQL Database 2008 which includes the following components:

·   User Login and New User Registration with account update and maintenance

·   “How It Works” Slide Show Presentation Window

·   A Fully Dynamic Advertising Engine with Online Ad Placement and Payment Processing.  This also includes Ad Stats and Ad Management Functions.

·   News Blog, Treasure Chest Interactive Ticket List, Ticket Code Verification, User Brag Wall and Forum pages

·   Clue and Interactive Game Board with many games

·   Ticket Win Processing with Brag Wall Entry

·   Prize Description and Delivery Functions

·   Administration Functions and Tools such as News Item Submission,  Ticket and Clue Editors, Advertising Rate Editor, SQL Database Query Execution, SQL Tracing, Event Log Monitor and Web Service testing functions

·   Terms Of Use and Privacy Statement Windows


I am currently porting HiddenTickets.com from Silverlight to HTML5 / AngularJS.


Also designed and developed a personal online Address Book using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript with SOAP Web Service access to an SQL Database.


Also own and operate an EBay Store selling various speaker parts and misc. items.



Mar 2007 – Jan 2011

GBI Data and Sorting Systems, Inc.

As a senior C# / WinForms developer, I redesigned and rewrote legacy software to control large tilt-tray sorting machines - the GBI Sorter Interface application.  This Windows Forms application includes:

·   XML configuration file parsing to set application startup configurations such as database connection strings, socket server/client IP addresses, sorter machine settings, file paths and other data.

·   Tabbed user interface written by hand.  Did not use the VS Designer due to its inefficiencies and lack of modification tracking.

·   Proprietary classes for SQL Database manipulations, real-time serial port communications, Client/Server socket messaging, IBM WebsphereMQ messaging, Application Configurations, Folder watchers and file processors.

·   Sortation Waves section accesses multiple database tables to generate a list of sortation waves and provide wave control such as sort method, activate, suspend, force close and wave data archival.

·   Wave Progress section displays auto-updating graphical sortation progress charts

·   Load Station section allows for manual product load controls such as item count entries and barcode scanning of individual products, pallets and totes.

·   Machine Status section displays sorter component statuses such as chain state, drop location status and level, dropped item counts and details, node, loader and printer statuses, graphical interface of drop location panels with real-time serial control.

·   Reports section provides detailed printable sortation reports by wave or date range using the .NET GDI imaging system.

·   WMSI section provides A WMS (Warehouse Management System) interface to import sortation wave and product data and export sortation results.  Import/export methods included flat-file and XML file parsing using a continuous folder watcher, client/server IP socket data exchange, shared database access and web service data exchange.

·   Diagnostic section provides real-time monitors for serial port communications with sorter node boards, pick-to-light drop panels, custom 40-key keyboards, specialized label printers and RF barcode scanners.  Also provides monitors for both client and server socket messaging data.

·   Message Log section provides real-time event data logging and display with status and date filters.

Also designed and developed full industrial conveyor system layout and control software, the GBI Conveyor Interface application.  This Windows Forms application includes:

·   Tabbed user interface with individual ribbon controls per tab.

·   Conveyor Builder section provides a graphical CAD system to design and draw scale models of complex conveyor systems including seven conveyor bed types and over 20 sensor and device controls.  Also includes transport bed, tote control and sensor device editor dialogs as well as a comprehensive conveyor rule editor with real-time execution to control all conveyor bed and device decisions including precise timing of events.

·   System Monitor section allows run/pause/stop control of individual conveyor sections.  Also shows real-time transport bed status, device status and alarm conditions.

·   Reports section provides detailed printable sortation reports by wave or date range using the .NET GDI imaging system.

·   Diagnostics section provides monitors for serial port communications with sorter node boards, pick-to-light drop panels, custom 40-key keyboards, specialized label printers and RF barcode scanners.  Also provides monitors for both client and server socket messaging data.  Also provides an auto-updating chart of all conveyor devices showing sections, conditions, alerts and  alarm statuses.

·   Message Log section provides real-time event data logging with status and date filters.

Also documented this application with a detailed User's Manual in MS-Word.

Designed and developed a graphics Motor Parameter Plotter application that allowed for the serial connection of DC motor driver boards to the PC to provide:

·    The ability to manually send commands to motor driver board.

·    Read and compute values for motor position, velocity, acceleration and torque.

·    Plot motor data vs. time on a multi-color cartesian graph with stretch, zoom and auto-scale features.

·    Display popup table views of all serial data sent by the motor driver board.

·    Import and export of motor data with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

These applications use multi-threaded OOAD and OOP with C#/WinForms using the .NET 3.5 Framework, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2005/2008.

In addition to writing these applications, acted as remote desktop technical support for customer deployments and installations.



Sep 1996 – Present

Owner/President of D+S Sound Labs Incorporated

Opened manufacturing facility and showroom high-end stereo and home theater loudspeaker systems for consumers and dealers.  This company was incorporated in May 1989.




Software written for this company included OrderTracker and LMS Response Plotter both written in Java2 using the J2SE environment.  Also FunctionGrapher written in C# on the .NET Framework.




Freelance websites written during this period include: Amorto.com, ATFSpeed.com, CateringBySally.com, DSSkyLabs.com, DSSoundLabs.com, GlobalRooftopAir.com, LensRenew.com, Pledco.com, RFVCBroward.org, SandlandHomes.com, Seamach-Marine.com, Van-Pan.com, WolfmanEnterprises.com



Jun 1995 - Apr 1996

C++/OOP Contract Developer for Daleen Technologies, Inc.

Contributing C++ developer for Casino Poker and Blackjack embedded systems.  Designed and developed component classes as well as the multimedia graphics animation and sound for both applications.




Client application team lead for Internet Casino Gambling project.  Designed the client interface, recorded all sound effects, rendered 3D trueSpace2 scenes, organized and managed development procedures and version releases.



Dec 1994 - Jun 1995

Freelance Software Development and Consulting for Creative Workshop, Inc.

Designed and developed the "Dairyman" interactive employee training package for

The American Dairy Association through a contract with Creative Workshop, Inc.



May 1994 - Nov 1994

IBM OpenDoc Programmer

Worked on the OpenDoc team with responsibility for Open Scripting Architecture.  Converted Apple scripting software to IBM C++.



Oct 1990 - Jan 1994

C++/OOP Contract Developer for IBM EduQuest, Inc.

IBM EduQuest hired my corporation (D+S Sound Labs, Inc.) to obtain services for a software architect/programmer.  The contract was extended three times.




Designed and authored the PSL-MET Conversion Utility in both English and French.

The software was published by IBM EduQuest.




Attended technical meeting at IBM Boulder on the design and implementation of an Application Programmers' Interface for the Personal Science Laboratory.




Designed and authored the above PSLAPI in C++ on the PC/MS-DOS platform.  Included abstract and low-level sampling support for all PSL hardware probes, data-acquisition display modules and demonstration applications.




In cooperation with the Technical Education Research Center in Cambridge, assisted in the development of the PSL/Elementary software package.




In cooperation with the Jersey Cow Software Company, assisted in the development of an audio PCM/CVSD playback module using the IBM-Austin

AUDIODD Device Driver.  The module involved 32-bit flat model programming using the DOS Protected Mode Interface.




Authored prototypes to the IBM EduQuest Math and More 1 & 2 products.  Involved full-motion video with a 256-color graphics overlay using the Intel/IBM DVI (Digital Video Interactive) adapter.




Designed and authored the Teacher Options Application to the IBM EduQuest Nature of Science Courseware using a self -authored 256-Color Graphical User Interface Software Development Kit (GUISDK) in C++.  IBM purchased a license for my GUISDK to obtain rights for publication of the Teacher Options.



July 1989 - Oct 1990

Under contract to Hemodynamics, Inc.

Developed advanced versions of the Computerized Light Reflective Rheography Graphical Testing Package.  Involved serial communication with LRR medical devices.



July 1989 - Oct 1990

Under contract to Myotech, Inc.

Developed advanced versions of the Digital Myograph Graphical Testing Package.  Involved serial communication with the DMG 3000 medical device.



Sep 1989 - Feb 1990

Under contract to UTDC Transit Services, Inc.

Developed the High-Resolution Graphical Train Path Scheduling System and Database for the Tri-County Rail System (Tri-Rail Commuter Train System).



May 1989 - Present

Formed D+S Sound Labs as a Sub-Chapter ‘S’ Corporation

Developed the first line of High Power Stereo and Home Theater Loudspeaker Systems, The Foundation Series, Developed the first A/V Receiver Sub/Sat Theater System, The Master Theater 5.1, Developed the Post Production Computer Optimized Crossover Tuning Technology (PPCOCT)



Jan 1989 - June 1989

Under contract to Integrated Software Technologies, Inc.

Developed Real-Time Digital Myograph graphical response code in Microsoft C on a PC-AT 386 system and a Toshiba T1000 Laptop.  Worked within PC/MS-DOS environment.



Aug 1988- Nov 1988

Under contract to IBM

Developed code in Microsoft C on the IBM PS/2 Model 60 for the File System section of OS/2 1.2 Presentation Manager.  Worked within PC/MS-DOS, OS/2 1.1 and Windows environments.



Mar 1987 - Aug 1988

Software Engineer for CENTEC, Inc.

Employed at Boca Raton, Florida office.  Developed PICS (Plant Information and Control System) for RANCO, Inc.  Involved coding in Lattice C 3.0 and 8086/80286 assembly language on the PC-XT/AT.  Worked within PC/MS-DOS environment.




Subcontractor for project with IBM.  Programmed functional test system for DDMS (Device Data Management System).  Involved the ARTIC Interface (Asynchronous Real-Time Interface Coprocessor) using IBM C/2 on IBM PS/2 Model 60 and IBM Industrial AT within PC/MS-DOS environment.



Aug 1986 - Mar 1987

Software Engineer for North Ridge Data, Inc.

"Computerized" current business procedures and record keeping.  Used the software product ENABLE to store and collect all business data including various report generating routines.  Worked with COMPAC Portable using COMPAC BASIC and PASCAL.



Proprietary and Other Software Development:


Jan 2003 – May 2005

Designed and Developed JAPI (Java Application Programming Interface)

JAPI is a set of proprietary Java2 development packages.  It is an Object-Oriented Multimedia Software Development Kit which is used as a platform to develop multimedia applications and website browser applications for the Windows Environment.



May 1992 - Apr 1996

Designed and Developed a Multimedia GUI for Extended DOS - the GUISDK

The GUISDK is a proprietary C++ development library for my company.  It is an Object-Oriented Multimedia Graphical User Interface Software Development Kit which is used as a platform to develop multimedia applications for Extended DOS.



May 1990 - Oct 1990

Software author of the Loudspeaker Design Tool

A graphical interactive loudspeaker design and construction tutorial using highly researched mathematical design formulas.  This software measured and graphed loudspeaker impedance and frequency responses.



Mar 1981 - Sep 1985

Software author of WIZQUIZ

Authored a software package with intent to market.  The package is a professor's

test creation, implementation and records system for the Apple ][, ][+, ][e and ][c family.  Used AppleSoft BASIC and 6502 assembly language within the Apple ][+ DOS.



Mar 1981 - Aug 1986

Software author of the Self-Directed Learning Readiness Scale

Authored a Self-Report Questionnaire designed to gather data on learning preferences and attitudes toward learning.  Used AppleSoft BASIC and 6502 assembly language within the Apple ][+ DOS.



Mar 1981- Aug 1986

Software author of the Self-Diagnostic Management Skills Inventory

Authored a Skill Inventory Test designed to indicate which management skills need developing for most effective management control.  Used AppleSoft BASIC and 6502 assembly language within the Apple ][+ DOS.





Bachelor of Arts

Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics with minor in Acoustics

Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida

December 1985



Associate of Arts


Mathematics, Physics

Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida

Palm Beach Junior College South, Boca Raton, Florida

(Dually enrolled to obtain advanced classes)

May 1982



Other Skills:


Twenty-Five years loudspeaker engineering experience:

Low Freq. Designs

Acoustic Suspension (Sealed), Bass Reflex (Vented), Passive Radiator (Drone Cone),

Aperiodic Loading (Variovent), Transmission Line (Tapered Duct), Folded Exponential Horn, Dual Chamber Band-Pass, Triple Chamber Dual Driver Bandpass, Push-Pull Compound Loading, Isobarik Compound Loading, Sixth-Order Passive Assistance, Straight and Flared Circular and Shelf Port Response Comparisons



High Freq. Designs

Two-Way (Midbass, Tweeter), Three-Way (Woofer, Midrange, Tweeter), Coincident Drivers (Embedded Tweeter), Multidriver Sections, MTM-D’Appolito Configurations, Dispersion Analysis of Domes vs. Cones, Dispersion and Diffraction Effects of Baffles, Flush Mounted Driver Response Comparisons



Crossover Designs

First, Second, Third and Fourth Order Butterworth, Bessel, Legendre, Gaussian, Chebychev and Linkwitz-Riley Configurations; Impedance Flattening and Linear Phase Techniques such as Voice Coil Reactance and Resonance Peak Cancellation Circuits; Proprietary Development of Post-Production Computer Optimized Crossover Tuning




LinearX Loudspeaker Measurement System (LMS), LinearX Loudspeaker Enclosure Analysis Program (LEAP), Bass Box Low Frequency Enclosure Design Program, Proprietary Software Development for Woofer Parameter Measurement, Anechoic, Halfspace (Pit), Ground Plane, Near Field and Room Response Analysis using Separate Band Compositing Techniques



Other Interests:


·       Robotic and CNC Computer Control

·       Remotely Operated Vehicle Design

·       Automated Newtonian Telescope Design and Construction

·       Stereo and Surround Sound Loudspeaker Design and Construction

·       Home Theater Audio/Visual Design